Conservation area

Streets and Buildings within the Conservation Area
Chepstow Crescent All
Chepstow Place 2-46 even, Viscount Court
Chepstow Villas 1A-D, 1-33 odd, 2-52 even
Clanricarde Gardens All
Dawson Place 3-29 odd, 6-30 even
Denbigh Close All
Denbigh Road 1, 17-25 odd, 3-15 odd, 12-24 even, Convent of Our Lady of Sion Site
Denbigh Terrace 13-26 consecutive
Garden Mews All
Kensington Park Road 2
Lambton Place All
Ledbury Mews North All
Ledbury Mews West All
Ledbury Road 30-46 even, 39 and 41, 43-61 odd, 61a, 63, 63a
Linden Gardens All
Linden Mews All
Moscow Road 89-95 odd, Leinster Arms PH
Notting Hill Gate 1-7 consecutive (Wellington Terrace), 2-70 even
Ossington Close All
Ossington Street 1-57 odd
Pembridge Crescent All
Pembridge Gardens All
Pembridge Mews All
Pembridge Place All
Pembridge Road 13-59 odd, 28, 30-56 even
Pembridge Square All (including garden)
Pembridge Villas 2, 4-58 even, 7, 9-55 odd, 60-66 even, The New Church, Viscount Court
Pencombe Mews All
Portobello Mews All (1-7 consecutive)
Portobello Road 2-92 even, 7-13, 9-13 odd, The Sun in Splendour PH
Rosehart Mews All
Simon Close All
Victoria Grove Mews All
Wellington Terrace 1-7, Champion PH(1)
Westbourne Grove 133-247 odd, 178-228 even
Westbourne Grove Mews All
Listed Buildings within the Conservation Area
Linden Gardens 38, 38B, 40 and 42
Linden Mews Entrance Arch from Linden Gardens
Pembridge Gardens 1-29 odd, 2- 28 even, 30 and 32 including Garden Walls and Central Gate piers, 34
Pembridge Square 1-3 consecutive, 6-18 consecutive (south side), 23-35 consecutive (north side)
Article 4(2) Directions (as at 9 Feb 13)
The provision of any hardstandings or the alteration or replacement of any which exist for any purpose which fronts the highway at any property which is or may become a dwelling house:
Chepstow Crescent 1-7, 15-25, 35-37 odd, 2-24 even
Chepstow Villas 1-21, 25-33 odd, 2-52 even
Dawson Place 3-11, 15-29 odd, 6-30 even
Pembridge Place 1-18, 18a consecutive
Westbourne Grove 209-219, 223-225 odd
Any alteration of a window or a door in an elevation fronting the highway at any property which is or may become a dwellinghouse:
Chepstow Crescent 10-22 even
Chepstow Villas 1-11 odd
Denbigh Road 12-24 even
Denbigh Terrace 13-26 consecutive
Pembridge Crescent 20-22 consecutive
Portobello Road 16-70 even
Ossington Street 21-49 odd
The external rendering of exposed brickwork on the highway elevation of any property which is or may become a dwellinghouse:
Chepstow Crescent 10-24 even
Chepstow Villas 1-11 odd

DGC/das 16 Jul 17
Ref: Conservation0102

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