News, Views and Events around the Pembridge Conservation Area Dear Friends and Members of the Pembridge Association, We are fast heading towards the end of another year and now the first really cold days of winter have arrived we realise Christmas is on the horizon again.  Our beautiful Conservation Area…

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Pembridge Square Garden: Am I eligible for a key?

The lovely communal Gardens in Pembridge Square are not a responsibility of the Pembridge Association nor do we direct enquiries to the Garden Committee. To be eligible for fob access to Pembridge Square Garden you must have an address on Pembridge Square itself.  If you meet this requirement you will…

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Annual Garden Party 2023


Dear Members and Friends of the Pembridge Association

We are delighted to be returning again this year to Pembridge Square, which was the historic “home” for our much loved Garden Party for many years.  We are very much looking forward to catching up with you in this leafy and beautiful tended garden thanks to the kind permission of the Chair and Committee of Pembridge Square Garden.  To assist us with our event planning it would be very helpful if you could RSVP to this email as soon as possible.

    Life in the Fast Lane- Kensington Style:

Most of us are probably users of Kensington High Street for one purpose or another so although it is not within the Pembridge Conservation Area we thought that you would be interested in the latest Consultation regarding cycle lanes.   Many of you will recall the temporary cycle lanes which were installed during the pandemic and then removed which resulted in a quite heated debate and a legal challenge relating to how to achieve the correct balance of road and pavement infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and motorists. Now is the time to make your views clear and full details can be found on this link and please do copy them to us too. The Consultation ends on 26th June.

Consultation opens on advisory cycle lanes | Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (

With warm good wishes

Fiona Fleming-Brown

Chair, The Pembridge Association