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Annual subscription: minimum £10, but many members pay more to support the aims of the Association.

We prefer to have a bank standing order since this reduces the administrative burden.  Please fill in the membership form and follow the instructions given on it.

Please download the combined membership application, Gift Aid and Bank Standing Order Form

It is a Microsoft Word file.  Once the viewer opens please print, or download and print, by clicking on the appropriate button at top right of the window.

The three-button group at top right looks like this:

Print directly by clicking on the first button (printer icon).

Download first by clicking on the middle button (down-arrow icon).

To close the viewer and return to the web page click on the back arrow of your browser.

Privacy and the GDPR

The Pembridge Association maintains a list of email addresses, telephone numbers and the street addresses of members. The purpose of this is to allow us to send out our periodic newsletters by email, and occasionally to send invitations and pieces of information relevant to the local area if they are time-sensitive and fall between newsletters. Having both email and street addresses allows us to avoid delivering paper newsletters to those residents who use email.

These emails and addresses are held in a spreadsheet and in the contacts list of The data we hold will not be given to any third party without prior permission.

You may send an email to at any time asking to be removed from the list and we will act on this as soon as we can.

Updated 24 November 2019

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