TfL consultation on cycle superhighway and other measures / our response

In early May 2019 TfL launched a consultation on a traffic scheme in our neighbourhood: “Proposed improvements between Wood Lane and Notting Hill Gate”.
In the Kensington section the proposals included a cycle superhighway, removal of trees, and other measures on Notting Hill Gate and Holland Park Avenue.

The Pembridge Association is strongly opposed to the TfL proposal for the following reasons:-

1) Reduction of vehicle lanes, which will increase traffic congestion as it has done on the Embankment and at Lancaster Gate
– Higher levels of pollution from stationary traffic, reduction in air quality
– Traffic diverting into residential side streets and parallel arterial roads and creation of rat runs
– A less efficient transport system for users of Buses and Taxis with longer journey times
– Potential delays to Emergency Service vehicles
– Creation of more one-way streets will add to problems of traffic flow

2) Loss of 27 mature trees
– The mature trees in Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate are an important factor to counter the high levels of pollution and were specifically planted to act as carbon sinks.
– Replacement by fewer young trees will not offer the same benefit for the environment nor can they be replaced in the area where the majority of the pollution is created
– Notting Hill Gate will again become the wind-tunnel of former times
– Our members object to the loss of beauty, shade and biodiversity that the central reservation planting represents

3) Effect on retail outlets
– Reduced sales as customers seek to avoid traffic congestion, parking and crossing issues
– Delivery problems for shops without rear entrances
– Fear that these factors will accelerate the decline in retail in Notting Hill Gate

The Pembridge Association fully supports any plan which will improve traffic flow, reduce environmental pollution and improve the overall safety of all residents in our community. The current TfL proposals do not meet these objectives, but we hope in the future to work with both the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and TfL and our members to find workable alternatives.

RHP 26 Jun 19 (submitted to TfL 14 Jun 19)

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