Notting Hill Police Station threatened with closure

NH police station; Google Street view 24 Aug 17, image capture Mar 2017.


Under the government’s plan to close police stations nationwide Notting Hill police station on Ladbroke Road is threatened with closure.

Many residents of the area are very concerned about this, having questions like how neighbourhood police beats and local knowledge will be preserved without a local station, how police will still be posted to our neighbourhoods and if so, where they will keep their police vehicles when they need toilet facilities, refreshments or meet their managers and teams, and how far response teams will have to travel.

As there is a consultation period there was a first public meeting with the Commander of the Notting Hill police station on 15 Aug 2017 and there will be another one on 6 Sep 2017.

Although it is unlikely that anything done locally will have an effect central government, Amanda Frame of the Kensington Society has started a petition to save Notting Hill police station on the basis that it’s not over till it’s over.

You can read more and sign the petition here


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