Newcombe House redevelopment plan refused by RBKC — now in London Mayor’s hands

Newcombe House, 14 Jul 18

At the RBKC Planning Committee meeting of 31 Jan 2018 the latest Newcombe House proposal was turned down. Unsurprisingly this controversial project was the only one on the agenda that long evening.

The saga is not over and, at the end of March 2018, the Mayor of London announced in a letter to the Council that he “will act as the local planning authority for the purposes of determining the application”. This means he will make the final decision on this application.

The developer has made significant changes to the proposal — among them being an increase in the overall number of homes including an increase in the proportion of ‘affordable’ homes — which have just become available for public consultation.

More information, including the application history, is available on the website of the Mayor and the London Assembly:

The original application and latest revisions are
on the RBKC website under planning application reference PP/17/05782

An overview of the key changes is here, in document ref 2100846

Further detail is given in subsequent documents, the whole series being in Addendum July 2018 Parts 1 to 8.

The formal deadline for submitting comments is 10 Aug 18. Please note that all submissions must be made to the GLA at; comments on the RBKC website are closed.

Our previous item on this development was published on 11 Jan 18

The Hillgate Village Residents’ Association (HVRA) opposes the development.
Go here for further information.

Although Newcombe House is not in the Pembridge Conservation Area we are reporting on it because it has an impact on it and its residents.

Please do let us know what your views are about this or other local planning applications as we are always interested in hearing from our membership and fellow residents of the Pembridge Conservation Area.

DAS 19 Jul 18 (revised)

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