Newcombe House redevelopment – approved by London Mayor

On 18 Sep 2018, at the public hearing in City Hall, Mayor Sadiq Khan approved the Newcombe House, Notting Hill Gate, development.


The headlines of the press release issued by the Mayor are:

– Sadiq ‘took over’ the Notting Hill Gate scheme and doubled affordable housing to 35%;
– Two-thirds of new affordable homes to be at social rent levels, others capped below London Living Rent;
– Development also includes new step-free access to Notting Hill Gate Tube station.

Furthermore, the new state-of-the-art medical centre will replace the two unfit-for-purpose surgeries in Pembridge Villas and Westbourne Grove.

After the Mayor ‘called in’ the application in March 2016 the developer made changes which
– Increased the number of homes to 55;
– Increased the proportion of affordable homes to 35% by habitable rooms (41.8% by unit);
– Increased the office floorspace of c. 414 sqm GEA to a total of c.5,306 sqm;
– Added one storey to the building on Kensington Church Street and two storeys to the West Perimeter Building.

This report on the website is a reasonable summary of the proceedings and includes a description of the low- and reduced-cost housing to be provided.

All the GLA documents on the case may be accessed here.

The GLA hearing can be watched here:
GLA hearing 18 Sep 18.
The proceedings start at about 14 min 33 s. When the presentations and submissions have ended there is a period where the sound is turned off while the GLA planning committee deliberates. Just before the end of the recording the Mayor returns briefly to announce his decision.

DAS 1 Oct 18/revised 6 Oct 18


  1. Dear Mr Dunkley, thanks for your comment.

    The post is an accurate representation of the Mayor’s decision and includes a link to his decision and other documents on the GLA website. In this list of document links there is one to the RBKC application documents, which include the Council’s comments and decisions. Everyone is free to peruse them.

    References to the controversial nature of the project and RBKC’s position were made in previous posts on the subject. Yet even the RBKC planning committee conceded that, whilst registering further opposition in early August this year, there were some benefits to the scheme and that the latest iteration was an improvement.

    My additional reference to the proposed medical centre is a result of extensive discussions with the senior partners/principals of both the practices concerned, namely in Westbourne Grove and Pembridge Villas. Furthermore, I watched the proceedings (where one of the doctors spoke) on live-stream and on ‘catchup’. The website gives a short, balanced summary, as mentioned in the post.

    With the Mayor’s approval of the application the process has come to a conclusion. Should there be further significant developments we shall endeavour to mention them.
    [Edit 9 Dec 18: the matter has now come before the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon James Brokenshire, for review.]

    In case you missed it, you may watch the GLA hearing via the link given in the main post.

    Ignore the electronic whistling when you first reach the website; the proceedings start at about 14 min 33 s.

    DAS 6 Oct 18/9 Dec 18

  2. Dori Schmetterling’s post on Monday is hard to reconcile with the Committee’s decision to object to the GLA; and as the Standard referred to this as a “monstrous proposal”, and it is clearly contrary to the stated objectives of this Association, I would respectfully request that the committee considers posting a more appropriate notice to members.

    The Association’s excellent objection to RBKC also deserves a mention on the website.

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