Chairman’s Christmas and New Year message 2018

So here we are almost at the end of another year and the beginning of the next. Someone said to me recently, the Millennium was a long time in anticipation and now we are almost at the end of the second decade of the 21st Century. With time passing so rapidly, we must act with greater speed, or risk being left behind.

With that in mind I can say that 2018 has been a good year for the Pembridge Association. Our paid-up membership has increased from 69 to 84 and due to the diligent work of the Honorary Treasurer, Kevin Mead, we have converted many members to direct debit payments and are starting to claim back Gift Aid on the subscriptions.

Joe Dawson, the Planning Secretary, has been monitoring all planning applications from the Pembridge Conservation Area. We have been proactive in our comments to the RBKC Council when necessary, both in the interests of our residents and in conserving the Pembridge heritage. Although not in the Pembridge Conservation Area we have been closely following the Newcombe House, Notting Hill Gate, development planning application. Opinions are divided on this project, but your committee has supported Hillgate Village Residents in their objection to the plan in its current form.

Our recently elected Councillor, Dori Schmetterling, the webmaster, has ensured that our website is fully up to date with all activities in the area. I do hope that you are taking time to look at our website. We would also be pleased to hear from you should you have any comments.

I would also like to thank Fiona Fleming-Brown, who has generously acted as Honorary Secretary throughout the year after our previous secretary unexpectedly resigned.

We held only two events during the year, the AGM and the Garden Party; this is fewer than your committee would have wished. Both events were well attended, but we would like to hold more events next year to allow members to have more social contact. The issue is one of resources, not only for new members, but also for new members willing to join the Committee. Therefore, the plan for 2019 is to have an active campaign to recruit new members, and for this we will be producing some new promotional material. We hope to “kick this off” at the AGM on 7th February, so please reserve the date in your diary. More information will follow.

I would also mention former Councillor David Campion, a key member of the Pembridge Association Committee for many years, hopes to undergo surgery on his hip early in the New Year and we all wish him well and a speedy recovery.

So, on behalf of the Committee I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.  Happy New Year!

Richard Payne, Chairman

Committee Members
Honorary Secretary (acting): Fiona Fleming-Brown
Honorary Treasurer and Acting Membership Secretary: Kevin Mead
Planning Secretary: Joe Dawson
Webmaster: Dori Schmetterling
David Campion
Martin Griffiths

DAS 23 Dec 18

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